SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes


These are great for your home, office, or college student! Instead of wasting 100 paper sticky notes, you can reuse the same one over and over. These can also stick to any shiny surface! These come in a bunch of different sizes and packs for any purpose!

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Say goodbye to sweaty armpits! These wipes from Sweat Block are the craziest things. They’re antiperspirant wipes that stop you from sweating for up to SEVEN DAYS! It was created by a doctor for those with Hyperhidrosis, excessive & hormonal sweating. To apply, simply use one wipe on your armpits before bed, wash it off in the morning, and you’re sweat free for seven days! So if you’re someone who experiences excessive sweating, give lots of presentations at work, or are nervous for a date (haha), try these out! They have tons of great reviews on Amazon as well!


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